AAUW Idaho leaders with senators at the state capitol

AAUW Idaho President Kathy Scott, Senator Janie Ward-Engelking, Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, AAUW Idaho VP Public Policy Gayle Wilde, and AAUW Boise Area Branch President Julie Custer: Anti-Bullying bill signing April 6, 2015

Stephanie Canning, Bonnie Pfaff, Sally Norton, Pat Alpine, Alyson Canning – State Convention 2012, Achievement Award to Co-president Bonnie for completion of master’s program.

photo of board members in Boise 2012 and Lisa Maatz, AAUW

Summer Board 2012 in Boise, with special guest Lisa Maatz, AAUW’s top policy leader.

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Founded in 1881, AAUW is the nation’s leading advocate for educational equity for women and girls. There are more than 100,000 members in the United States, with over 1,300 branches and 500 college and university partners nationwide, dedicated to tearing down barriers to equality and creating opportunities to help women and girls reach their full potential. Visit AAUW’s online museum for a virtual tour of our history.

AAUW was founded on the conviction that education is key to achieving equity for women. Our first study in 1885 helped open colleges and universities to women by refuting the once-popular notion that higher education threatens women’s health. Today, more than a century later, we’re still fighting to remove obstacles that hold women back.

2012 winter board attendees

AAUW of Idaho Winter Board 2012

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AAUW of Idaho Presidents, Past and Present

Mrs. C.E.M. Loux (Martha Dolman), Pocatello 1931-32
Mrs. Ralph Farmer (May Parks), Moscow 1932-34
Mrs. W.L. McCoy, Gooding 1934-38
Mrs. Harry N. Wood (Calla), Boise 1938-40
Mrs. A.J. Peavey (Elizabeth), Twin Falls 1940-42
Mrs. W.E. Erickson (Julia), Orofino 1942-44
Mrs. T.H. Van Meter (Catheryn), Boise 1944-46
Mrs. P.C. Fedderson (Helen), Kellogg 1946-48
Margaret Ritchie, Moscow 1948-50
Lorene Hendrichs, Pocatello 1950-52
Jayne Jones (Mrs. Leon), Caldwell 1952-54
Eleanor Gruger (Mrs. William), Boise 1954-56
Edythe Morbeck (Mrs. Donald), Kellogg 1956-58
Maria Lowe (Mrs. Kales), Burley 1958-60
Mildred Burlingame, Moscow 1960-62
Helen Ferguson (Mrs. Herbert), Idaho Falls 1962-64
Norma Barnes, Pocatello 1964-66
Helen Engelhart, Caldwell 1966-68
Elna Grahn (Mrs. E.H.), Moscow 1968-70
Margaret Buckham, Idaho Falls 1970-72
Pat Erlich, Boise 1972-74
Judy Gridley, Coeur d’Alene 1974-75
Anne Voilleque, Idaho Falls 1975-76
Alayne (Hannaford) Pettyjohn, Moscow 1976-78
Joanne Hunt Smith, Boise 1978-80
Elsie Lathen, Moscow 1980-82
Elaine Smith, Pocatello 1982-84
Corlann (Corky) Bush, Moscow 1984-86
Marilyn Arp, Long Valley 1986-88
Kay Snyder, Idaho Falls 1988-90
Louise Regelin, Moscow 1990-94
Eleanor (Ellie) Rekemeyer, Boise 1994-96
Lynn Miller Brooks, Twin Falls 1996-98
Gwen Kimball, Long Valley 1998-00
Sally Norton, Boise 2000-02
Janet House, Pocatello 2002-04
Charlotte Mallet, Boise 2004-06
Kitty Geidl, Orofino 2006-10
Patricia Alpine & Bonnie Pfaff, Boise 2010-14
Kathy Scott, Boise 2014-16
Julie Custer & Kathy Scott, Boise 2016-18